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We are an investment advisory enterprise specializing in land acquisitions Certes works both as a transaction and a knowledge advisory firm for real estate ventures. We believe that land is at the inception of every value chain. Whether it is a business or personal venture, land is the precursor or core component of all activities.


However, we do not believe in confining ourselves to just being involved in transactional business. Under the Certes umbrella we offer our clients a plethora of value added services like legal due diligence, comprehension of local regulations, structuring of the final deal and also funding and execution for projects.


It’s all about land really!

Certes transaction division offers end-to-end land solutions. Not only do we help you in finding the right land match according to your needs, we also ensure that the whole experience is as hassle free as possible. The process starts with identification of land and includes shortlisting the right place, price negotiations, process due diligence and then handling the final transaction details.  Certes is also a knowledge house as far as regulatory and compliance issues around land dealings in the National Capital region.


The main ventures from Certes Realty are:


  • Delhi Farms [http://www.delhifarms.com] — Deals exclusively in farmhouse projects in NCR area and its activities include buying land for farmhouses, and buying, selling and renting of already built properties.
  • Master Plan 2021 [http://delhi-masterplan.com] —Understanding and interpreting regulations pertaining to the legal aspect of land deals. Currently we work on the Master Plan Delhi 2021 and Master Plan Gurgaon 2025. We are soon planning to extend the same expertise to other cities.
  • Lal Dora [http://laldora.com] —Understanding, working and developing residential and industrial projects in areas earmarked under Lal Dora.


The primary targets groups that Certes works with are:


  • Institutional Capital Firms: Like banks and funds who are looking at investing in land
  • Developers: Any project developer who is scouting for land for building colonies, business parks, warehouses, malls etc.
  • Land Bankers: Aggregators, who like to buy land, hold and then look for purpose.
  • HNI: High net individuals who are looking for investment options in land.
  • Industries: Companies looking for land to set up industries.


Land and beyond…

Our advisory branch offers a multitude of options to cater to a cross section of requirements. Primary among them are:


Project Strategy and Execution: We become the overall in-charge of the project from its inception to its handing over to the customers. We will plan the project, detail branding, appoint the entire function and supply chain and also take over the customer care.


Wealth Management: Advisory services for managing short or long term investment in real estate. This is akin to the wealth management services that most banking institutions now provide but is solely centred on making those investments in land.


Institutional Sales: Bulk sales of custom built projects.


Mandated special assignments: Executing assignments like setting up hotels, hospitals, warehouses etc. This includes providing liaison and licensing services and also ensuring project roll-out.

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