Confidence Foundation

CERTES Realty started the Confidence Foundation to help rural girls develop personal confidence so that they could have a chance to stand up and support themselves.


These girls, who were being taught the same subject matter as kids in the city, lacked confidence to come out and realize their potential. CERTES Confidence Foundation helps them in this endeavor by letting them socialize with many accomplished women from various backgrounds, who volunteer to go to the villages and conduct seminars with these girls. 


The impact we envision is to have more and more girls from villages to step out and follow their passion, choose a definite career for them and moreover be able to think of their future just as any girl who grew in an urban city.


If you believe that your confidence in yourself could be shared and imparted to these girls and motivate them for a successful life, we invite you to join us and spare a day to engage and interact with them.


We are seeing a gradual progress in the endeavor and we wish to continue reaching out to as many as possible. 

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