Ethics & Values



CERTES does not rely on its employees and partners to deliver the stated goals & objectives, but, also to invoke, utilize and bring to use the collective wisdom, common sense and integrity, for the common benefit of the clients, customers, stakeholders and the community at large.
At CERTES, We recognize the importance of publishing the ethics policy within the groups of employees, partners, associates, stakeholders and the general public, to align expectations and deliverance with the guiding principles. In the constantly changing business environs, we stand committed to our responsibilities and committed values, and would encourage all partners to further encourage free flow of information and committed values.
CERTES values its employees to assimilate and dispense credible knowledge within the community of employees, stakeholders, clients, trade and shareholders.
CERTES values the ‘equal opportunity workplace’ and strives to empower all concerned.
At CERTES, we would strive to aggressively pursue growth and profitability objectives, without diluting the ethics, moral commitments and the spirit of mutual respect, team-work and partnership.
We would treat our clients fairly, objectively and professionally, and ensure that we “earn a large number of satisfied customers”.
We distinguish between our personal convictions and professional obligations towards other organizations, partners, clients and customers, and would not allow them to conflict or collude with the objective of fair representation by CERTES.
We recognize the personal and professional ambitions, objectives and need of associates, and respect their intent to collaborate with CERTES in growth.
CERTES respects the natural environment and would discourage the damage or pollution of these natural resources, knowingly. We would also encourage recycling of paper products and minimize usage of paper.
CERTES considers it employees, consultants, agents, associates and business partners as part of the extended “CERTES FAMILY”, and are encouraged to share concerns, feedback , knowledge, appraisals and appreciation with the management and stakeholders of CERTES.
CERTES believes in making as much information available, as is consistent with good business practice, governance and obligation. All care is taken to ensure that there is no misrepresentation of facts and our clients and business partners take “Knowledgeable business decisions”
CERTES accords every member the respect they deserve, and they contribute towards building the company we desire.


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