Who we serve

CERTES vision is to evolve as a “research-advisory-transaction specialist” organization in the domain of Land & beyond.


We focus on specialist arenas of Land, Physical & social Infrastructure, Warehouses, Farm houses & country homes, with specific focus on Delhi & NCR markets.


We serve a broad constituency of clients, ranging from Developers, Institutional investors, Financial services sectors, Corporate houses in Manufacturing & services, Wealth management organizations, HNIs, NGOs & Social organizations, Educators & educational institutions, Hospitals, as well as Government & quasi government organizations.


With each need being differentiated, and accorded its due importance, the CERTES team’s approach is that of a long term trusted partner. We dip into our research & knowledge bank and deliver expert analysis, as well as Transactional expertise. Our collaborative approach also ensures that the clients vision is ‘not just implemented’, but updates are provided on a very dynamic basis.


Through the tenure of contractual engagements for Land aggregation, product identification, financial advice & Investment strategy, the CERTES teams develop a holistic understanding of the Issues & challenges, and deliver results which are win-win, per the client vision.


CERTES has evolved beyond the traditional divide between Advisory firms & Transaction firms. We provide Knowledge-Transaction-Management of assets under one umbrella.


CERTES also believes in sharing the wealth of knowledge & research findings with Industry peers, Social bodies, expert Industry bodies and the Investment & Real estate sectors.


We also serve “not for profit” organizations.

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