MPD – 2021


The Delhi Master plan 2021 is possibly one of the most thoughtful and decisive document in the recent past, for the development of any Metropolis. The vision of the Delhi master plan document includes the intent to convert Delhi into a global, world class metropolis.

Apart from critical and physical issues like land, infrastructure, transportation, commercial and residential dwellings, facilities & amenities, considerable thought has gone into the soft needs of Environment protection, ecology, culture, social empowerment, governance & management of the Delhi state.

 In the words of the Urban development Minister of the Union of India  – “The Delhi master plan would set the benchmark for the planning & implementation of similar master plans across the country, and the effectiveness of the same would ensure a change in living standards, rather than the creation of physical infrastructure only”.

 The Delhi master plan not only talks about creation of new infrastructure, but also takes a critical look at the issues of Up gradation of old & dilapidated buildings, slum redevelopment, conservation of the environment, preservation of heritage & culture, community participation and the PPP model of development.

 We, at Certes Realty Ltd, have invested considerable time, effort and resources to understand the plans in totality, through a dedicated team of people. We have tried to understand the context, the background, the need, the possibilities and the opportunities under the Delhi master plan.

 Our prime responsibility, and COMPETENCE, is in identifying the opportunities and facilitating participation into the development of Delhi, and ensuring that the business vision of the Investors is achieved through a “process driven approach”.

 We constantly upgrade our knowledge base on Delhi Master plan 2021, and would endeavour to share relevant details with our patrons and visitors to this website.

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