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* DDA Public notice on Fast track approval of Building Plans Dated: 28th March 2015


 * DDA Public notice on Land pooling policy Regulations dated: 29th January 2014


* DDA Public notice  on Low density Residential Plots dated: 18th September 2013


* Gazette Notification dated 18th June 2013 Farmhouse

* Gazette Notification dated 13th May 2013 chapter wise modifications in MPD 2021

* Gazette Notification dated 10th May 2013 Farmhouse

* DDA Public notice dated 29th May 2013

* DDA Public notice dated 28th May 2013 part-I

* DDA Public notice dated 28th May 2013 part-II


 *DDA Land Pooling Policy public notice dated 18th April 2013 


 *Land use change notification Dated: 28th Feb 2013 for Village Dhansa & Jharoda kalan


 *Delhi Government Notification on Revised Circle rate of Delhi 2012 dated: 4th Dec 2012


 *DDA public notice on Farmhouse/ Country homes policy dated: 27th Oct 2012


*DDA public notice on modifications of MPD-2021 dated: 01st Oct 2012


* DDA public notice on revised sanction of FAR for Group Housing dt 13th Sep 2012


* Gazette notification – regulations for regularization of unauthorized colonies 


 *DDA Public notices for open house meet for mid term review of Master Plan of Delhi- 2021
South District 08-05-12       North District 30-04-12 & 01-05-12 
            West District -22-05-12


*Supreme Court order barring all property sale transactions through general power of attorney (GPA) 


*Land acquisition bill tabled in Parliament on 7th September 2011


*Highlights of the Land acquisition Bill


*Gazette Notification Regarding Regulations and Guidelines for Redevelopment of planned Industrial areas vide SO.No. 683(E) dated 01-04-2011  Click Here

* Gazette Notification Regarding Building regulations for Special Area, Unauthorized Regularized colonies & Village Abadis, 2010 Vide SO.No. 97(E) dated 17-01-2011 Click Here

*A draft policy on “Land Assembly based on Land Pooling and Owners Participation as an alternative to Large Scale Land Acquisition in Delhi”. Click Here

* Notification dated 19th May 09 regarding New Housing for urban poor. Click here

* Public notice dated 11th Apr. 09 regarding Land use change for Heliport in Zone- M. Click here


* Public notice dated 11th Apr. 09 regarding land use change for South Asian University. Click Here

* Notification dated 27th Feb 09 regarding modification in building Bye laws. Click here


* Notification Dated: 26th Feb 09 regarding Hotel FAR & Ground coverage. Click here


* Notification Dated: 26th Feb 09 regarding Land use change to Public & Semi public facilities (Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences) & sports complex. Click here


* Notification dated 14th Jan 09 regarding land use change in Zone-D (Vasant Vihar).  Click here


* Notification dated 12th Aug 08 indicating Lal Dora land as Residential. Click Here

* Notification dated 7th Apr. 06 regarding 100 mtr. expressway. Click Here


* Gazette Notification dated 27th March 2006 regarding Markets in Delhi. Click Here

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