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WHAT WE DO: In our constant endeavour to improve our services, efficiencies and offerings, we collect data from our websites about the profile, nature and details about the visitors to our websites.  The data collected is used for analysis of trends in a bid to improve our service levels. We many also send periodic information memorandum, questionnaires and useful information to the clients who leave their contact details with us.


WHAT WE DON’T DO: CERTES Realty Limited and its affiliate companies, under the direct management control of Certes adhere to a strictly no spamming policy. In case any visitor seeks not to receive information from Certes or its affiliate companies, can write to ruchika(at)certesrealty(dot)com.

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Since a lot of information posted on this website is collected from various sources, including the developers, sellers & buyers, researchers, formal & informal meetings with knowledgeable members of the industry, assumptions & forecasts by experts,  there is a likelihood of inaccuracies OR typographical errors  in some of the information published. The management of CERTES Realty Limited makes no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the information, services & products under offer through Certes Realty Ltd, as might be published or listed on this website, unless agreed in writing by an authorized representative of CERTES REALTY LTD. The use of the Web Site and the Material is against your own consent and the management of Certes would not be liable towards any information, or decisions based on available information on this site.


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For the purpose of providing meaningful reading material, Certes Realty Limited, would seek & accept insights from various experts, institutions, individuals, various media and press releases, and would reproduce the contents and quotes on this website. In no manner is CERTES realty Limited accepting ownership, liability or verification of the representations made by external agencies / individuals. The views expressed are of the individuals and CERTES realty Limited accepts no responsibility or liability towards the same.


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