Haryana Govt. Formulates Farmhouse Colonies

Do you crave to live in the lap of nature and yet cannot afford to give up on the amenities which an urban city provides? Has owning a farmhouse has always been a dream which could not become a reality due to the obvious reasons?

 Ta-da!! We have some news which would delight your senses to the core. You can very soon own your own farmhouse in none other than the millennium city itself. Yes, you read it right. Gone are those days when you would have to live in the box shaped apartments of the gated communities because your job demands it.

Haryana government is on the verge of formulating a policy for ‘farmhouse colonies’, a Gurgaon-based developer ‘Ramprastha Group’, plans to start a farmhouse township in Gurgaon itself. The state government’s draft policy says, ‘a farmhouse colony would be a cluster of 20-30 farmhouses, each with an area of 1-2.5 acres, spread over at least 100 acres’. “A separate policy for farmhouse colonies (low-density eco cities) through grant of license is under consideration… instead of sporadic development of farmhouses, planned development of a colony with a focus on eco-friendly design principles would be a better option,” says the draft policy.

These colonies would have all the amenities- water, electricity and security, besides proper roads – all within the six feet boundary walls of a gated community. Individual plots will be separated through barbed wire fences or hedges and not through boundary walls. More good news coming this way, these farmhouses would not be available for commercial exploitation, such as using them as banquet or party halls, as the farmhouses today have become more of party destinations, holiday homes or property investments along the outskirts of big cities. According to the existing government policy, anyone interested in setting up a farmhouse on his farmland in the agricultural zone can apply for CLU permission with a minimum area of two acres. Combined with security issues, these farmhouses have become hurdles for the state’s successive development plan revisions.

Nikhil Jain, the CEO of Ramprastha Group, says his company will invest Rs 700-800 crore in its farmhouse township. At present, the company is buying land. “We will complete the project in two years, once the final policy is out. The blueprint for the proposal has already been released and the company is waiting for the final policy.”


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