Careers @ Certes

At Certes, we do not share Employee : Employer relationships. The first commandment of engagement in CERTES being ‘Proprietary Interest”.  WE ONLY HAVE STAKEHOLDERS.
We welcome Youngsters willing to learn, Share, Grow & mentor, to be part of the growing team of CERTES. In the words of one of our mentors ~ “Equal opportunity is available to those who grab them, rather than wait for it to be served

We would be keen to know your specific plans, and incorporate the same into the deliverables of CERTES. That creates a winning team, and the opportunity to be on the top.
We assure utmost confidentiality on all correspondences with us, and one of the Founding partners of CERTES would be the one responding to you.
Mail your proposition OR thoughts to so that we could share a cup of coffee, sharing ideas, and persuing opportunities to be part of the same team.

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