Why work with Certes


As an organization, CERTES neither makes any tall claims or promises, nor endeavors to wean away practicing professionals from other domains through falsehoods & promises of better returns. The CERTES belief remains ‘partnerships of any nature need to be constantly nurtured with a competitive spirit by outdoing each other in the input, rather than the output’.

Certes is a very independent spirited organization, and doesn’t believe in curtailing the identity or business strategy of any partner in the name of “Method & company policy“. We believe that every individual & legal entity knows their vision well, and they are the sole agents for the fruition of the same, CERTES can at best be a catalyst, and honest partner.

Besides the belief, CERTES takes pride in three important factors for success in the Real Estate consulting & Transactions business, namely :

    –    Domain Knowledge, esp. at the grass root level
    –    Transaction ability on Land
    –    The Approach & methodology

The announced growth strategy of CERTES is Inorganic, and we welcome partners to grow with us, and we take pride in the fact that we do not hesitate to input & share our “Intent & Ability” into every partnership.


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