Land pooling policy approved by DDA

Gloria Ganguly
7th August,2013


The much awaited land pooling policy has been approved by DDA on Friday. This policy assures fundamental changes in the way of acquisition and development of land.



A DDA official acknowledged that – acquiring land has become very difficult in the past 2 decades and this policy of land pooling will involve the owner in land development.  The policy has been approved by Delhi Lt-Governor Najeeb Jung in the authorities meeting and would be waiting for the final notification from the Union urban development ministry. Final policy would be based on the objections and suggestions by public.


According to the first MPD – 1961, DDA’s policy was to acquire large chunks of land at a very minimum price from the private owners, then develop it and sell it at the premium rate. But eventually this policy faced a severe attack from the land owners as they demanded more compensation after increase in the property rate.


The new policy allows the land owners to pool and surrender their lands to DDA for development. Land pooling are of two types – first one is with 20 hectares and above where 60% of land would be used by DDA from which 53% would be used for residential purpose, 5% for commercial and 2% for public and semi-public use. Second one is between 02 and 20 hectares comprising of 48% of which 43% would be used for residential purpose, 3% for commercial and 2% for public and semi public use.


Development of about 20,000 – 24,000 hectares of land is the predicament of MPD – 2021.


By 2021, the MPD 2021 foresees a development of 20,000 – 24,000 hectares of land for accommodating a population of 48 lakh.


According to a proposal, DDA would set up a separate institutional framework with officials from DDA’s land management, planning, legal, finance, accounts and engineering departments. Plans would be prepared by GIS technology. Amendments would also be made in Delhi Municipal Corporation Act – 1957, Delhi Land Reforms Act – 1954, Land Acquisition Act – 1894 and Delhi Development Act – 1957 if necessary added Mr. Ajay Dabas of Certes Realty.







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