MPD-2021 proposes/plans ‘Shelter for All’

Gloria Ganguly
09th August 2013


Ensuring ‘Shelter for All’ is one of the key plans in MPD 2021, by binding the potentials from all the sectors like private, corporate, public and household sectors. The main focus is to provide effective housing on either rental or ownership basis for all citizens especially to the weaker sections of people.


According to Census 2001, there are 24.5 lakh censor houses which consist of 25.5 lakh households comes under the category of residence. The mere calculation reflects a shortage of about 1.0 lakh dwelling units in different categories: planned built housing, unauthorized colonies, squatter settlements, traditional areas and villages. The sub group on shelter noted that the contribution of housing stock was only 53% excluding squatter housing till the year 1991. Hence, unauthorized colonies, JJ cluster or squatter was significant. While determining the plan for housing one has to keep in mind that this trend still continues. 


An estimated housing stock of 24 lakh dwelling units would be required as based on the projected population of 230 lakh by 2021; this would be inclusive of 20 lakh residences for additional accommodation. Decaying structures would also be replaced. Mr. Ramesh Menon of Certes Realty Ltd. remarked that up gradation of traditional areas should be brought in the forefront.


In the existing regions of Delhi, 40% of housing needs could be satisfied through redevelopment or up gradation, which consists of the A to H zones of the present urban limits and sub cities like Rohini, Narela and Dwarka. The remaining 60% requirement would be met through 14.4 lakh new housing units provided in new areas. Within 12 months the zonal plans should be prepared for accommodating housing extensions in the urban regions.


Depending upon the socio – economic condition, 50-55% of the housing requirement would be done. The population mostly represents the urban poor and the economically weaker sections; hence, the housing requirement would suffice the need with two rooms or less. Distinction from the urban poor and the economically weaker section of society would be tagged in terms of EWS, LIG etc.


Mr. Ajay Dabas of Certes Realty Ltd. commented that government should play a dual role – a provider as well as a facilitator.



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