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The services offered by CERTES are broadly classified into three specialized domains, namely,


The Outlook team comprises of researchers & analysts who sift through the myriad colors of Data & knowledge available in the Organized & unorganized streams, and form projections based on the same. The same includes Outlook papers, City level analysis, Benchmarking global best practices etc.

Under the strategic vertical, our scope includes Specific Research – Inference – Approach and all such tools as may be necessary for the strategic purposes of decision making, esp. under Investments into Land & projects, in the areas of expertise of Certes

Under the Tactical vertical, we assist our Clients & associates with Transactions, both Land & projects, using the acquired knowledge based from our Strategic teams.

Please see the areas of expertise under the pages on the left.

Specific queries may be addressed to ruchika@certesrealty.com, so that we can have an appropriate associate contact you at the earliest.


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