Legal Assistance


CERTES works in close association with some leading lawyers & Law firms, besides the periodic advice from the In-house resources.

Under the scope of services, CERTES restricts the legal advisory services to  assistance on the following functions.

  • Legal due-diligence of Land
  • Title verification & search reports
  • Understanding the legalities with the text / Sub text of Master plans of Delhi 2021 & Gurgaon 2025
  • Legal framework & compliance for Residential & commercial projects (Delhi & Gurgaon)

Our field teams do assist our clientele with Revenue office assignments, notably amongst them being the Mutation under land revenue records, Change of ownership based on the Will etc.

Besides, our partners for legal services assist the clients with all legal documentations, Deeds, agreements, will & Relinquishment deeds etc.

It is explicitly maintained here that CERTES renders legal advice only for assignments / Transactions mandated to itself, and all other queries / Request for help are forwarded on a ‘No Obligations basis’  to our legal partners, who work independently, under their own trade names with the clients / Enquirer.

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