Project Strategy & Execution


strategy |ˈstratəjē|
noun ( pl. strategies )
a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim

execution |ˌeksiˈkyo͞oSHən|
the carrying out or putting into effect of a plan, order, or course of action

At CERTES, we firmly believe that any strategy advised must be holistic, and encompass all perspectives (Organization, Customer, Process, learning, Delivery), rather than restricted to Financial benefits only.

Hence, we accept only those assignments wherein our strategists can continually interact and feel the response though the ‘Touch & feel‘ approach, at the client site. We DO NOT undertake assignments wherein the strategy formulation remains within our computers, and the clients files.

We have assisted land owners with Project strategy, Branding strategy, communications strategy and Reach out strategy. After the successful conclusion of the first phase, CERTES teams have also worked from the client site for the execution of the assignment, in a calibrated manner, thereby yielding the benchmarked results.

For the assignments accepted by CERTES, we act as the single window for both the translation of the vision into actionable brief, as well as execution of the strategy mutually agreed.

Our scope of execution would be restricted to Land & Projects in Delhi & Gurgaon, for the verticals of Residential, commercial & special projects, like Warehousing, Hospitals, Hospitality etc.

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