Built to Suit/ Customized Project


Certes Realty to its credit has had a run of successfully envisaging and delivering built to specification projects. Custom built, as they are usually referred to, are ideal for people who are in it for the long term as it gives them an option of developing the property according to the needs of their project.

Certes Realty specializes in custom properties like:

Townships & Farm Housing Project

Certes has proven ability to consolidate land parcels from 10 acres to 100 acres in the vicinity of Delhi-NCR region. We have already successfully completed assignments in the segment which included liaising for governmental clearances and approvals for township and farm house projects. That apart our team has exclusive access to land parcels which seek joint venture and development partners, within the National Capital Region and specifically in Delhi.

This particular service is only targeted at developers, investment companies and development partner firms (design firms, PMC companies, marketing specialist and professional service providers).

Group Housing

Certes Housing is a specialized team of professionals dealing solely into business vertical of Group Housing societies.  We undertake project consulting assignment under two broad categories:

  • Pre-development strategic tie-up with the land owner, developer or investor
  • Project marketing  tie-up under which the Certes team will do seed level and private placement of equity and finished products

Commercial Complexes

Certes has access to both land and ready to move in complexes for commercial purposes. In the commercial space our scope of services is targeted to serve four client groups:

  • Developers looking for joint development projects
  • Investors looking for development and marketing of a project
  • Owners wanting to develop their lands, without further investments
  • Corporate houses seeking acquisitions or custom built offices

Hotel, guest house and serviced apartments

Structuring deals within the hospitality industry, in Delhi ad NCR, is a strong competence area for Certes and its partners. Our scope of services is divided into three broad client categories which covers the entire gamut of the functioning of any hospitality project.

We cater to: Land or property owners

  • Hotel, guest house or serviced apartment operators
  • Investor or funding agency

Apart from zeroing in on the perfect land match our service will include due-diligence about the land and the project, partner search, structuring of various deals and execution of contracts.

We have assisted MNC developers and investors to channel debt and equity into group housing projects, in the Delhi NCR area. We also have assisted outstation developers in forging JV or JDA with local landowners and then successfully implemented the group housing project.


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