In a country as spread out as India, for ay company irrespective of the product segment they deal with, having large warehouse is a must to ensure seamless business continuity.


One of the most important things while building a warehouse is the location. Not only should the location be well connected, the location should be such that it has scope for improvement and expansion.


Based on this, In India most large warehouses have been centred in around place like Bhiwandi, NCR, Chennai, Howrah, Nagpur and Indore.


Being one of the leading authorities on land, especially in the metro cities of India, Certes has access to large land parcels or information about such land pockets which could prove to be ideal locations for warehouses.


In house, Certes has the capabilities to envisage and create warehousing as per the design, specification, current and forecasted needs of clients, and handover within a committed time frame. The Certes team along with its strategic partners has the exposure and experience of developing and delivering warehouses from 25,000 sq. ft to a million sq. ft.


Certes has the capability to provide clients temperature controlled warehouses, open yards, built up sheds, temporary and permanent structures, gated and wired yards etc. Any of these can be designed, planned, developed and delivered according your customized needs.


Infrastructure, equipment and assets

Apart from location, what is essential for ensuring that the warehouse meets all the client requirements the need for proper storage conditions and loading and unloading equipment. The stakeholders within Certes have reasonable exposure to the supply chain industry and also possess hands on experience in operations management.


Our partners in the warehousing assets venture, have the necessary experience of providing accessories and tools from forklifts, stacking racks, RFID equipment’s, automation trays and conveyor belt systems to locations across India and even abroad.


We can also assist our partners in securing capital assets, as well as arranging long term lease of the equipment, within the warehousing premises. We also undertake assignments to make available custom built warehouses on wet lease basis, on lease periods varying from 10 to 40 years.


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