Research & Recommendation


“A business hat suits a researcher more than an Academicians’ hat.”

CERTES accepts limited mandate research assignments, limited to the areas of Operation & expertise. It is our belief that research is not a “collation of data” but a microscopic understanding on the inferences. Hence, the vision to evolve the CERTES organization with the ability to use research as one of the tools available for decision making.

Our research is limited on two aspects : Geographic region & Domain.

It is our considered opinion that for the outcome of any research to be fruitful, it is necessary that the scope of the same be defined by subject experts. Also, the sample size for research isn’t as important as the sample aptness. Hence, the strategic decision to accept research assignments of a limited nature.

In the past, we have delivered considered opinions & recommendations about the Delhi Master Plan MPD 2021 and Gurgaon master plan 2025.

–    We have assisted Investors with research on the site selection, market valuations based on the catchment areas, and ROIs on comparable products.

–    For a few institutional investors, the research was more on the ground, at the village level, than on academic basis. The research recommendations helped the Investor to take a strategic decision benefitting more than a few million dollars.

–    We also have assisted developers to define their product, target audience, pricing strategy & ‘Go to market’ based on research conducted with samples from the defined categories.

For the areas of competence of CERTES, research is a day long, daily activity, and the researchers are but sharpening their understanding on a continual basis.


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