Agricultural Land for Projects


“Land is where it all starts from, what one ends up possessing, and what is the only residual value”

CERTES, owing to it’s ongoing research on Urbanization, business environs & demographics, forecasts and contributes towards the understanding of the Delhi Master plan MPD 2021 & Gurgaon Master plan 2025. It also tracks and follows the developments of the cities & geographic locations covered under the NCR planning board.

We have a reasonable understanding of the “Off-plan” lands, which are currently agricultural in nature, but owing to the rapid urbanization, would be / have already been proposed to be zoned for Urbanization. The same could be zoned & demarcated for future residential, commercial, Institutional or other developments.

CERTES has the understanding of the same, and the Land experts try & gauge the extent of urbanization, the infrastructure growth, the relationship between the Rural villages & Urbanization needs, the social dynamics of land acquisition etc. Armed with the deep understanding of the Macro & Local factors, CERTES recommends the acquisition of the Off-Plan & On Plan land parcels.

Having successfully delivered projected financial yields to clients in the past, CERTES benchmarks Agricultural lands against other Real estate products, and assists the clients & customers understand the dynamics.

For any venture into the domain of Real estate, the foremost requirement is for Land, and that is a product which forms the core of CERTES.

As Mark Twain’s famous quote says “Buy Land, they don’t make em’ anymore”

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