Lal Dora


Lal Dora land is a misunderstood product, in the Land family,  as far its use, valuation and transactional law is concerned. Most Real estate investors & buyers though are aware of the term ‘Lal Dora‘, do not really understand the opportunity.
Certes Realty is a proven expert on the opportunities that exist under the Lal Dora land, in Delhi. The company has undertaken reasonable research on the same and have the ability to advise, and be part of the implementation and development of projects on and around Lal Dora lands.

By way of a notification, the government has put to rest the speculation about Lal Dora lands, and have clarified the use of the same.  Therefore, the hitherto speculative nature of investment on Lal Dora land have to be replaced with a more scientific approach to the product category. Certes understand the applicability of the Guidelines for Redevelopment schemes under MPD 2021, the group housing norms, the amalgamation & reconstitution norms pertaining to village Abadi lands, the norms for unauthorized developments, the Housing strategy through incentivised redevelopment scheme, and all such relevant laws and guidelines.

We not just advise on the legal & statutory compliances, but also assist developers, Individuals and Institutions to acquire Lal Dora land parcels worthy of development. We also undertake end-to-end consulting & implementation assignments, wherein a mutually agreed IRR can be arrived at, for projects under Lal Dora.

All this is possible since the CERTES team constitutes experts, elders & constituents of the respective villages, where the Lal Dora opportunities exist.

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