Farmhouses in Delhi


The Farmhouse policy for Delhi, currently applicable, has been in existence since the 1960s, and is the most misunderstood product segment under the real estate of Delhi.

Farmhouses, in the 60s & 70s were understood to be a occasionally used dwelling unit built by the farmer, deep inside his own fields, to be able to service his fields and spend the night. During the 80s, the concept of permanent DUs came into vogue. Over the past three decades, this has not only become a product segment, but also a preferred investment destination.

At CERTES, Farmhouses in Delhi is a natural extension of our consulting & product services. We extend our LAND specialization into three areas, namely,

    –    Built up Farmhouses (Ready to occupy)
    –    Land for Individual Farmhouses
    –    Large land parcel for Farmhouse projects

At CERTES, we soon would expand into the specialty area of Customized Country homes in the Semi-Urban / Rural areas.

Certes has a deep understanding of the proposed country homes policy, as well as the norms for Farmhouses in Delhi, as mandated under the Delhi Master Plan MPD 2021.

A specialty transaction & information vehicle from CERTES, focused on the Farmhouses in Delhi, is already unveiled, and clients & readers are encouraged to visit

If you seek professional assistance to BUY farm house in Delhi, SELL farm house in Delhi OR LEASE farm house in Delhi, feel free to contact our experts on OR

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