Institutional Sales


Institutional or bulk sales present a huge opportunity for investors to derive best returns on investment. We at Certes believe that not only do the clients get benefit of special prices, but they also get to avail a lot of value additions, which are perhaps not available to a normal customer.


In the past Certes has helped groups of employees or executives from various institutions and corporate houses to procure homes and residential properties as investment through bulk booking.


Our Institutional Sales team represents buyer groups’ interest with credible developers and institutional funds that are in the process of developing residential projects. For the projects currently under plan, we can also build in client customization. That apart, for every project, we provide assurance about protecting the interest of the investor.


Our team works on two levels while dealing with requests for institutional sales.


If you are a consumer or investor trying to find the right deal, our team will assist you in:

  • Defining the value proposition for your investment. We will map out your scope of investment with your needs to find the right project
  • Initiate contact with developer and negotiate price and other subsidiary features including requests for customization
  • After the closure of deal, we will also provide post-sales support to the consumer till the time of handing over of the property to them


If you are a developer looking to sell residential spaces in bulk our team will help you in:

  • Defining the project and its value proposition for investors
  • Approaching and presenting the project to groups of investors
  • Negotiations and closure of deals
  • Provide post-sales service to your customers till the time of handover of the project to the consumers


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