Purchase a Life, not a House – Earthquake provisions in MPD 2021

As we know that Delhi is an earthquake prone zone, so, if you are planning to invest in a new building or in an apartment, you need to make sure that the building should be earthquake resistant and the builder provides the required earthquake resistant features.

So, how can you know that whether the building is earthquake proof or not? Well, here are few key questions which you can ask a builder before buying a house.

  • Ask about the configuration, whether it is simple or regular?
  • Is the roof constructed with heavy stones?
  • Are the features of seismic resistance as per IS 4326; 1993 for a 1 or 2 storied house?
  • Enquire about bands – ¾ Plinth bands? Sill bands? Lintel brands? Gabel and roof bands?
  • If a building is designed to be more than 2 stories then you need to enquire about the earthquake resistance as per IS 1893:2002, and proof check for compliance with the National Building Code in India 2005?
  • For a concrete building in Zone II and above, has the special detailing requirement as per IS 13920:1993 been incorporated in design and construction?
  • Did a proper soil investigation take place? Find out whether there is a fill of soil at the site?
  • Have the columns been especially designed as per IS 1893:2002 for a condition where there are no walls in the ground storey?
  • Is there any large overhanging projection? If so, is the projection anchored to the min structure of the building?
  • Have the stair slabs been integrally connected to the frames?
  • If you have any doubts or conflict, consult an expert.

Now, what are the questions you should have in your mind while you are about to buy an Old House?

  • If you observe any sign of deterioration, such as cracks, spilling of plaster, corrosion, stains, growth of plants, tilting of walls?
  •  After initial construction has any storey been added?
  • Has any major repair work been carried out recently?
  • If any of the above mentioned point is true or if the quality of construction appears to be poor, you can consult an expert.

The assessment by experts can lead you to live a stress free life where you need not to worry about earthquakes.

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