Why India is considered to be the best hub for Property Investment?

Gloria Ganguly                                                                                                                                                                 Date: 26th August,2013    


“Nothing comes to be free, unless and until it caters your purpose” which goes well with the investors too. In the past few years the demand in property investment has underwent topsy turvy. A huge change has been observed in the graphical representation where the curve slides towards the sky. Domestic as well as International investors are considering India to be the hub for investment. This temperament is obviously not without any reason. Factors affecting this temperament and making India a hot cake for investors are:-

  • Real Estate Studies in India tells us that India has the right environment that adds maximum benefits to the investors.
  • The governance and institutions of Indian democracy is quite commendable along with a strong and transparent legal and accounting system and most of all has legal protection for intellectual property rights which serves as the base for the investor’s interest.  
  • Fundamental Rights of the Indian economy has also marked in the growth after it has become strong and sustainable.
India is considered among the top 4 Asian Destinations for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) according to the report presented by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development).


Mr. Ramesh Menon of Certes Realty avers, “There are ample amount of possibilities to invest in a profitable business in any sector, it may be – power supply, raw materials, fuel, tourism or commercial ventures, land has become the dominant feature.  Property investments in India starts from lands and ends in land – commercial real estate to residential property, land services for everything the base i.e. Land is a mandate. You can either invest in land related to commercial purpose, agriculture, schools, hospitals, resorts, shopping malls, houses and much more. You will just have to select the spot from the large geographical expanse in India. You may either settle for India’s commercial capital Mumbai, or in the metros such as Kolkata, Chennai or Bangalore or in the smaller cities such as Gurgaon, Jaipur, Indore, Ahmadabad and Coimbatore and so on and so forth. Make revenue from tourism by investing in guesthouses, hotels or resorts as in Kochi, Digha, Puri, Simla, Manali, Goa…”


India is a land full of rich cultural heritage and hence profit orientation is much more than any other nation. No other country offers you all the ingredients in the right measure to make any venture profitable and successful.


Investors from every corner of the globe are attracted for Property investment in India but when it comes to investing and one should have the proper and detail knowledge which helps a boost in their confidence to make the right investment decisions.


 “Study the reports on investment and the surveys and understand the analyses and expert views on a variety of real estate issues. Tune yourself to learn every tidbit related to properties. If you are in a serious mood to deal with land either buy, sale, rent or lease,’’ says Mr. Menon.






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